The same video also heavily features on other scam spy phone software sites as well. On an iPhone, the manual simply shows how to jailbreak iOS 4.3. We are now on iOS 7.0.4 and outdated instructions do not bode well for the software. How to Use Restrictions in iOS 12 on iPhone, iPad. Screenshots of the iPhone/iPad can be captured from time to time using this spy app for iOS device. With the spyware, you can see everything that is done on the target iPhone, and even see their location in real time. You can see that the same website is listed in the search result and this cost nothing. The second website highlighted points to the very same PDF that we are given as a free bonus. After deleting the original installation files off our BlackBerry, removing the software, copying the files across via USB and a different PC and installing again the same error persisted. If you don’t have access to you child’s computer, you will need to look for software that features remote installation. The results will look like this.

Symbian proved to be a little more successful and yielded some interesting results which allowed us to confirm that this was a complete scam. Bluetooth Explorer asking for Bluetooth access on our Symbian device. Immediately the file names suggest the use of Bluetooth in some way such as ‘Bluesniff’, ‘BTExplorer’ and ‘btscanner’ which is a popular scam. Bluetooth explorer shows the Bluetooth settings for our Symbian phone but no spying features in any way. Just need the Target phone number – After purchase and installing it on to a phone, all you have access to is a Bluetooth scanner. This promotion of FlexiSPY also gives it a bad name as people will associate it with the bad scam experience they will have which is not fair as FlexiSPY is real working spy phone software. The website of our scam software which advertises FlexiSPY. The software received after purchase does not have, offer or meet any of the claims that are outlined on the website and features none of the features listed. Extract SMS text messages – UUsing the software you receive after purchase you can use Bluetooth on your phone to send your contact details to any other Bluetooth device the software finds but nothing more and certainly no phone spying.

However, the Bluetooth software that you receive after purchase has no spying capabilities and certain will not allow you to listen to live calls. Thank you page after purchase showing the PDF file we found for free. Businesses that use Auto Forward have found an efficient alternative to deal with all these problems. is the thank you page you receive after paying yet we have found it by performing a simple search. Yahoo search results showing our paid for scam software for free. We decided to look in to the background of the company providing this software and it gave us some very interesting results. We will take a closer look as an example. The two sites look nearly identical even though the URLs are different. This means that all the fake sites are promoting FlexiSPY but are misleading customers in to thinking that they are purchasing FlexiSPY when in fact they are being scammed.

All four of the sites highlighted in the screenshot above are provided by Homestead Technologies and are a complete copy of our scam site indicating that this is something that they are used to doing. Notice that we have highlighted two interesting websites in the screenshot above. Not every tech user is aware of the requirements above and the procedure to accomplish them. View all URLs visited by the user in cell phone browser. SnapChat spy app is a best tool designed to monitor the data deleted from someones account and check the activities of the target user in detail. He must keep the client updated about every minute detail of his application. The application makes it possible to record calls along with surroundings. It is not even possible to listen to calls using Bluetooth technology. The main screen of BlueTooth Explorer running on a Symbian phone. A list of the scam software files for Symbian confirming that this was nothing more than a Bluetooth scam.